CK Salon Elegant - Don't be fooled by cheap price. It's money that you throw away!

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I picked this salon for my wedding hair and makeup, because the person responsible there claimed to be able to do it all and I didn't want to rush from a hair stylist to a makeup artist on my wedding day.

I arranged an appointment with her for a makeup trial because I wanted to make sure that my makeup would last all day long. Trying their work before the actual date was a blessing. She could have literally ruined my special day. So here's what went awfully wrong:

- All makeup she used were free samples and giveaways. She didn't even have a decent makeup set. She dipped a Q-tip in an empty lipstick to get some color out of it and put on my lips. I felt disgusted!

- Instead of using clean brushes she used Q-tips to apply everything (eyeshadow, makeup and lipstick).

- "smoky eyes" to her means painting a black circle around eyes.

Finally when I looked in the mirror I was horrified. She turned me into a monster! I cannot believe she calls herself a makeup artist, cause obviously she doesn't have any idea whatsoever about makeup and how to apply it.

I paid her just because I wanted get out of there as soon as possible and felt so embarrassed about the way I looked.

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CK Salon Elegant - Health RISK!

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PLEASE do not go to this salon even if you have to cut your own hair!

I went in based on an add which portraits this salon as one of the best…. Was I in for a surprise! The whole experience was weird, the hairstylist was way too curious and intruded with lots of very personal questions.

BUT, nothing compared to what she did next… I left thinking I got a decent haircut… until I got home and my neck started to itch badly… My husband looked at it and we were both appalled!

I had cuts and blood on my neck from the razor she used! The fact that one side was longer by almost 2 inches was the least of my concerns now… Who knows if the razor was new or if she used it on someone else? I was extremely angry and I had so many other personal matters going on in our family life that I thought it was best to let it cool a little.

When I finally went back to let them know, they (2 women there) were EXTREMELY RUDE, brushed me off, claimed that I was NOT even there for a haircut! There was a customer there and I tried to be courteous and discrete about it but when they pretended they never cut my hair, I had to tell the whole story and asked them if they wanted the receipt to prove my visit and my tip!

They immediately pulled me aside and tried to hush, hush the whole thing and offered another cut! I could NOT believe they were serious; I would NEVER sit in one of their chairs if my life depended on it…

Please consider referrals over adds which could be sooo misleading and in this case quite dangerous.

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